Meet your creative ally

I help organisations and businesses merge marketing and education to reach their target audience in a fun way

Hi there! I’m Jennifer and I specialise in combining my skills in graphic design and marketing with my passion for learning. My goal is to help organisations and businesses better reach their target audience and transform their ideas into engaging marketing tools or meaningful learning resources that can easily be incorporated into their strategy.

Having worked closely with solopreneurs and organisations of various sizes, I understand the challenges of juggling daily operations, public (and board) satisfaction, program, products and services management, and keeping the public educated and aware of the organisation’s mission.

That’s where I come in as a valuable asset, helping you bridge this gap and achieve your goal.

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Let’s Work Together

Let me join you in pursuing your organisation’s mission and assist you in building your own fun and inspiring educational toolbox, or transform your marketing ideas into reality. Together, we will create a dynamic resource that grows over time and continues to benefit your audience, both now and in the future.

    • If you have a small team of employees and could use a helping hand
    • If you have important information you’d like to share in interesting and creative ways
    • If your day-to-day tasks always push your plans on the back burner
    • If you struggle with keeping up with the use or the trends of technology
    • If you need ready-to-use resources to offer the public

    You’re at the right place!😉

    Explore the correlation between fun and learning

    Download a list of 100 educational resource ideas

    Building an Educational Toolbox

    The fun learning resources part of your toolbox are engaging ways to spark your audience’s curiosity and convey information that educates, entertains, inspires and informs your target audience, whatever their age group is.

    Enjoyable and educational resources also help connect and build a relationship with your target audience, showing the authenticity of your organisation and showcasing your expertise and knowledge.

    There are numerous engaging and interesting ways to convey your organisation’s knowledge and information, making it truly memorable!

    Build an Educational Toolbox for Children & Adults of All Ages and All Languages

    Build a Curriculum-focused Toolbox for Students, Teachers & Schools of all Grade Levels

    Build a Content Marketing Strategy based on your Educational Toolbox