Build your toolbox

Build an Educational Toolbox for children & adults of all ages and all languages

No matter who your intended public is, whether they are curious toddlers or wise seniors, professionals or tourists, your educational toolbox can be customised to be inclusive, accessible and accomodating to diverse stages of life and languages.

You can share information, showcase various collections, or summarise key ideas through easily digestable and fun learning resources, both virtually and using hands-on materials, catering to the unique interests of every individual you choose to reach.

Your Educational Toolbox could include:

  • Giant Colouring Pages, Worksheets, Booklets
  • Treasure Hunts, Interactive Maps
  • Puzzles, Riddles, Mystery Solving Boxes or Games
  • Interactive Pop-Up Books or Guides
  • Unique Albums, Encyclopedia, Herbarium-inspired Documents
  • Virtual Field Trips or Exhibits
  • Interactive Games or Workshops
  • Infographics, Posters, Calendars
  • Wrapping Paper, Greeting Cards

Build a Curriculum-focused Toolbox for students, teachers & schools of all grade levels

In addition to resources catered to all age groups, you can empower teachers by offering them ready-to-use activities and valuable material for their classrooms. These resources should align with both the curriculum of their specific province or territory and the key concepts of your organisation.

As a trusted source of information, you have the ability to enrich students’ knowledge, broaden their horizons, spark their curiosity in new subjects, and actively contribute to their growth. A curriculum-focused toolbox can also provide valuable tips, guidelines, and strategies to support teachers in enhancing or teaching outcomes that are directly related to your area of expertise.

Your Curriculum-focused Toolbox could include:

  • Posters, Labels, Bulletin Board Material, Stamps or Stickers
  • Interactives Games, Card Games, Flashcards
  • Worksheets, Activity Books or Booklets
  • Models, Miniatures, 3D Representations
  • All-in-One Learning Boxes or Books
  • Interactive Games or Field Trips
  • Study or Research Summaries or Infographics
  • Teacher’s Guide, Lessons Plans, Crafts Ideas
  • Professional Development Workshops or Conferences

Build a Marketing Toolbox based on your educational resources

As a non-profit organisation, your mission takes centre stage, and allocating time and energy efficiently is paramount. That’s why it’s essential to optimise every resource and strategy at your disposal. Whether you’re part of a small team or rely on an in-house marketing department, I offer solutions for a wide range of design and marketing needs, both in digital and traditional mediums.

For example, the resources within your educational toolbox can be repurposed into social media posts, blog articles, or even podcast episodes. Additionally, you can establish credibility and boost visibility by implementing minor changes such as standardised branding, enhanced visual elements and optimised communication channels.

And rest assured: I will ensure that you get the most out of each initiative.😉

Your Marketing Toolbox could include:

  • Standardise your Branding across all platforms
  • Launch a Campaign and its components
  • Make a Marketing Plan
  • Create a Marketing & Brand Guide
  • Develop a Website or Microsite
  • Design Newsletter, Documents or Canva Templates
  • Make promotinal tools (brochures, posters, etc.)
  • Perform a Marketing Audit

Let’s Work Together

Let me join you in pursuing your organisation’s mission and assist you in building your own fun and inspiring educational toolbox, or transform your marketing ideas into reality. Together, we will create a dynamic resource that grows over time and continues to benefit your audience, both now and in the future.

  • If you have a small team of employees and could use a helping hand
  • If you have important information you’d like to share in interesting and creative ways
  • If your day-to-day tasks always push your plans on the back burner
  • If you struggle with keeping up with the use or the trends of technology
  • If you need ready-to-use resources to offer the public

You’re at the right place!😉