CCF 2023 Festival Fransaskois Creative

For the 2023 edition of Festival Fransaskois, the festival celebrating the French community of Saskatchewan, the Conseil culturel Fransaskois needed a vibrant and engaging creative that captures the essence of the event and the community it represents. The creative features a red lily, the symbol of the Saskatchewan French community as well as the emblematic flower of the province, diffusing subtle musical notes to represent the performing artists on stage during the weekend. The theme of the 2023 festival is “Femmes d’ici” (Women from here), for which I incorporated elegant script and calligraphy elements that add an artistic touch of femininity. I used watercolor and colourful elements throughout the design to maintain consistency with the festival’s logo and overall branding. The combination of these elements creates an eye-catching and cohesive visual representation of the festival’s spirit and cultural significance. These elements were also utilized in designing the poster, ads, program, and a series of social media posts.