FAFM Grouille ou Rouille Creative

Working closely with “Fédération des aînés de la francophonie manitobaine“ (FAFM), I undertook the redesign of their yearly conference “Grouille ou Rouille“ dedicated to wellbeing for individuals aged 50 and over. The logo features a pink lilypad and a stylized frog with black ink outlines. With vibrant frogs and dragonflies from an illustrator, I incorporated green, pink, and blue elements to evoke joy, color, and overall wellbeing. The bouncy black font with spiral elements adds warmth and fun, while maintaining readability. With the branding serving as the foundation, we created cohesive materials such as posters and roll-up banners, fostering recognition and unity at the all-day event that includes conferences, workshops, and booths, and for the mini-events throughout rural communities. The marketing tools were all made in Canva Pro to facilitate quick updates by the client.