FPFM Early Childhood Programs

I was approached by “Fédération des parents de la francophonie manitobaine” (FPFM) to design the logos for two educational home visit programs aimed at preparing young children for school.

  • The SMART program, for 18 to 36-month-old children, features a logo depicting a mobile with four hanging stars, forming the shape of a house. The logo incorporates the organization’s main colors (green, red, yellow) in pastel tones.
  • The HIPPY program, for 3 to 4-year-old toddlers, has a logo with the letter Y resembling a child standing next to a parent with a sun-shaped head. The bright colors (orange, lime green, cyan, yellow) complements the organization’s brand colors.

Additionally, I created posters and brochures using Publisher to enable the team to update and print materials in-house as needed.