L’Univers de Sam Amuse Educational App

To support French immersion elementary teachers and enhance the language learning experience for K-3 students, I developed an educational web app named L’Univers de Sam Amuse. The platform offers interactive games covering various topics in French such as the alphabet, numbers, animals, food, and phonemes, aligning with the curriculum. With progress tracking based on learning outcomes, teachers can monitor students’ development and customize their learning journey by granting access to specific games. The platform also provides a collection of printable resources, including card games, posters, bingo games, and activity books, designed to supplement classroom learning and engage students in an interactive way. The web app operates on a yearly membership model, providing continuous access to updated content and ongoing support for teachers and students.

I am proud to have brought this project to life, from idea to completion, through years of planning and development with the assistance of two skilled programmers, now part of my team. We are ready to help you with your own programming and interactive project!